The Global Health APAC Awards

By Island Hospital   |   16.12.2020


Island Hospital was recognised as the Global Health Awards 2020 winner of the Value Based Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific accolade on the 17th of October 2020. This award looks at healthcare providers that offer patients a holistic care experience of additional value that outweighs the medical cost incurred; where Island Hospital was evaluated against the best healthcare providers in Asia Pacific.

Healthcare costs continue to climb and outgrow economic growth; while healthcare can often be fragmented instead of holistic. A patient is treated like a general person based on whatever condition they have; rather than being given personalised treatment that addresses their needs. Patients spend more on healthcare and the frequency of their visits increase.

Island Hospital does the opposite, by treating patients individually and holistically using a value-based approach to treatment. Replacing one-size-fits-all treatment with precise and personalised medicine, Island Hospital continues to elevate the growth and standard of healthcare in Penang. By looking at not just one illness but the patient’s entire person and history, treatment can be preventive to reduce the cost and risk of additional medical charges in the long-run.

With a variety of added services such as teleconsultations, Facebook Live, Medicine Delivery Service and free COVID-19 test for inpatients; Island Hospital continues to strive for the best value-added care that can be provided amidst a pandemic-stricken year.

Apart from being recognised as the Value-based Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific, Island Hospital was also nominated for several other accolades from Global Health and Travel Awards 2020:

  • Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • Best Hospital of the Year in Malaysia
  • Best Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • Emergency Care Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific

Island Hospital continues on the journey to provide the best service for all patients, while elevating the standard of healthcare in Penang and stand tall among the best in Asia Pacific.