Men can be notoriously careless at seeing a doctor. Many men have concerns about urinary and prostate health, pelvic pain or sexual function. It is not a topic most men want to discuss. Some may find these concerns difficult to express or find a visit to their doctor unsettling. This is why we offer direct access to expert advice and reassurance of our male patients and their wellbeing. We want to encourage men to take responsibility of their own health by providing easily accessible and efficient service in a surrounding which is comfortable and discrete.

The urinary and reproductive system is a highly delicate part of the human body and requires extremely skilled surgeons to manage it. Every patientÕs symptoms are carefully assessed with individual treatment plans specially designed to speed up recovery.

Our specialists evaluate, diagnose and treat all acute and chronic adult and adolescent urological conditions with non-invasive and minimally invasive approaches. We provide expert advice, diagnosis and treatment for men with Testosterone deficiency syndrome, erectile dysfunction (ED)/impotence or prostate health concerns and general menÕs health problems. Our team of doctors specialise in urology and menÕs sexual and general health.

Procedures offered and conditions treated at Island Hospital includes (but not limited to) the following:

  • Vasectomy
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Penile Cancer
  • Prostate surgery and laser prostate surgery
  • Prostatectomy
  • Stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
  • Male Sexual dysfunction - Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation
  • Incontinence
  • Kidney Stones
  • Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • Testicular Cancer - Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy

The mission of the Urology Centre of Island Hospital is to provide and advance the highest quality urologic medical care with expertise in all aspects of the specialty. Our team of urologists includes board-certified, fellowship-trained leaders in urologic diagnosis, surgery, and prevention in all aspects of men's and women's urologic health. We are dedicated to providing you with efficient service in a friendly and caring environment.


The Urology Centre in Island Hospital provides exceptionally modern equipment and specially trained physicians and clinical staff to provide the highest quality of care in settings that facilitate a private and productive patient experience. Our team of experts offer a convenient destination for all your urological health needs. The centre is well-equipped with constantly updated medical technology to provide you a comprehensive care.



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Urology/Men’s Health
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Urology/Men’s Health
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