The Importance of Health Screenings

By Island Hospital   |   01.11.2018

Take steps to keep you and your loved ones at Island Hospital - and enjoy the gift of health

In this fast-paced life, where we are always on the go, we tend to ignore the things that are unseen, even when they are the most important.

The key is to bring the important things to where we can see them. We need to remind ourselves they are there.  

We pay the least attention to our health condition, until we have run out of time. We fall sick only to discover, we have been exhausted and ignorant about our health issues we might already know were brewing since a long time.

Sometimes we are unaware that things aren’t functioning properly. Depending on how we were brought up or our interpretation of what “healthy” means, we may live with symptoms that we don’t realise are direct results of poor organ function.

Even though we may not know the exact functions of our internal organs, they keep us alive. What happens if they are not functioning at optimum levels? Well, chances are that symptoms, which can be unpleasant, will arise and cause discomfort or slow down normal life.

This is precisely the reason why many people are encouraged to get a health checkup regularly to stay fit and healthy.

There are so many easy things, that anyone can do, that can radically transform your life. Remember that claiming back your health is a journey. Just take one more step - getting yourself screened.

Health screening is a great way to gain awareness and understanding of your own health if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of disease and ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Your health and wellbeing underpins everything that you do and it is all too easy to take it for granted. With early detection and proper medical guidance, diseases and health risks can be treated which result in better outcomes, and lowers the risk of serious complications.

You do not have to be a medical expert to know how to get healthy or to take positive steps in the direction of taking responsibility for your wellbeing, leave that part to our medical experts at Island Hospital.

If there was a quick and easy way to check the health of your internal organs without spending too much of your precious time, would you do it? Lucky for you, at Island Hospital you can get your Health Screening results within 24 hours!

Regular health examinations and tests widely aid in defining your health condition and even finding out problems that already exist or are about to surface in the near future. The Health Screening packages available in Island Hospital today cover all the essential blood and urine tests for screening lifestyle diseases and chronic infections that are common.

By getting checked regularly, you basically improve your chances of living a long, healthy life.

In addition to an overall physical examination, Island Hospital’s Health Screening Package comprises of tests that helps in the assessment of the functionality of your heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, liver, bone, immune system and imaging tests such as chest x-rays and ultrasounds.

Depending on your medical history, optional screenings are also available. They  include cancer-specific tests such as cancer profile markers as well as mammography and gynecological tests. Each of these tests is performed in carefully controlled environments to ensure the samples obtained produce only the most  accurate results.

Early Detection of Problems
One of the better option and most important benefits of getting tested on a regular basis is that you are able to keep a tab on your health. Your test results help in analysing your current state and diagnosing your chances of suffering from a mild or chronic disease if necessary measures are not taken right away. Through checkups, different health issues can be diagnosed at their early stages.

What illnesses can be detected through a Health Screening?
Common conditions identified include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid conditions, pre-cancerous condition, early breast diseases, health and lifestyle changes. WHO (World Health Organisation) states that 80% of premature heart disease and strokes are preventable and having regular Health Screenings can be part of the prevention process.

Makes You Aware of Various Good and Had Habits 
Health is wealth! Regular health checkups do not just inform you about your exposure to potential diseases but also in indicating your good habits that you must continue with. For instance, if you are someone who has a control over your sugar intake, food habits,  and keeps a tab on your physical exercise, your test reports will duly showcase your efforts. On the other hand, if you are not careful with yourself and your health, your reports will determine that too.

Energizes You
When your health showcases a positive result, you feel good and your confidence is boosted. You will continue to ensure that you carry on the activity that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Furthermore, your positive attitude will keep you happy, which will indirectly keep your spirits up, both at work and at home.

 “Health is the most precious asset anyone can possess.”  Do not let your busy routine and habits damage your condition and expose you to the risk of suffering chronic, non-curable diseases. Make sure you get tested regularly, eat healthily, and stay away from habits that may affect your body, exercise regularly, and adhere to basic preventive measures.

You will never appreciate your health like you do until you recover from an illness. You will never appreciate being pain free until after a terrible pain subsides.  No one else is responsible for your health and your body, except for you.  No one knows your body like you do, therefore taking responsibility of your health should be a priority.

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